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211 Maximizing Learning & Retention: Crafting Personalized Learning Experiences

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Tuesday, December 5

Studies show that employees are more invested and likely to be retained if they are offered ample learning and professional development opportunities, particularly opportunities that are personalized. Creating personalized learning can feel like a daunting and time consuming endeavor, so rates of personalized learning are lower than they could be, which reduces overall learning opportunities and can lead to employee (and student) loss.

Imagine a learning landscape where every experience is uniquely designed to match each learner’s distinct needs, strengths, and abilities, sculpting a path to inclusive and impactful learning and professional development.

Join Amy Tessitore for this session dedicated to unleashing the artistry, creativity, and automation behind crafting personalized learning environments. This session will introduce the principles and practices necessary for creating tailor-made learning experiences that resonate with every individual. Together we’ll explore concrete strategies and examples that not only drive success but create an engaging environment designed for learner retention.


  • Develop an understanding of andragogy and personalized learning
  • Learn the 5 key elements of personalized learning
  • Understand ways to leverage technology to create personalized experiences
  • Actionable tips for creating a culture of learning,
  • Build a learning environment that promotes retention and growth

Amy Tessitore

Global Manager of Adoption & Education

Open LMS

Amy Tessitore is a long time educator and Ed Tech nerd who is passionate about leveraging technology to create equitable and accessible learning experiences and environments. Co-founder of the globally recognized “EdTech Chats with Michael & Amy,” she lends her expertise in teaching, learning, curriculum design, and EdTech in monthly live studiocasts. Amy leads a team of customer success-focused product experts and educators in proactive initiatives. She is also the director of Open LMS Academy, an online professional development academy that offers courses to promote development for individuals across the teaching, learning, and EdTech industries.