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710 Scale Managerial Effectiveness through Automated Coaching with Cloverleaf

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM ET
Wednesday, December 6

Organizations invest hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in an effort to develop their people – individuals, teams, and managers. A significant percentage of that spend goes into point-in-time behavioral & strengths assessments and coaching, which is expensive and often only accessible to the top 10% of an organization. This model is especially ineffective for the managers in organizations who are not equipped with the right data (at the right time) about themselves and their teams, which are now more cross-functional, global, and remote than ever, to be effective leaders.

Cloverleaf is turning the assessment model on its head. The old model of taking an assessment, attending one debriefing workshop, and receiving a 20+ page PDF of your results that end up in a file folder and is never looked at again is gone. It’s ineffective, expensive, and the results don’t “stick.”

Managers need self-service tools that help them motivate, develop, and have difficult conversations with their teams quickly AND in the flow of work to keep up with a rapidly evolving work environment and the needs of their team. THIS is what Cloverleaf can help your team unleash in the management layer of your organization at scale.


  • How to turn static, one-time assessments into ongoing actionable coaching within the flow of work
  • How to unleash (at scale) your managers to be more self aware and more effective leaders
  • How to give your organization the impact and engagement data to prove the value of their investment
  • How automated coaching supports manager and team development

Tim Flanigan

VP of Sales


Tim Flanigan has led the sales team at Cloverleaf for 5+ years, as Cloverleaf emerged from its seed funding round through its current GTM strategy. Tim is passionate about developing his team and serving the L&D market with a truly game-changing product that improves how individuals and teams work each day. Tim has 15 years of experience in the HR and learning & development enterprise technology space. This combination of industry-focused expertise and technical know-how has made Tim a trusted advisor to his clients and peers as trends in the space have evolved over the past decade.