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804 Science to Solution: Creating an Evidence-Based Onboarding Experience

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET
Wednesday, December 6

We’ve all seen them—the emails that hit our inbox promising to be the holy grail of onboarding best practices. They almost always come with a tagline touting how to create a “world class” or “effective” onboarding experience, only to disappoint with the lackluster information that follows.

As a quickly growing personal insurer, PURE Insurance understands the need to have well-designed onboarding practices. Over the past year we have sought answers to some of our biggest onboarding questions, like how to better equip managers with the resources to onboard within their departments; how to create a consistent onboarding experience across the organization; and how to capture better data from managers and new hires about their onboarding experience.

In this session we will bring you on our journey of putting the science into practice. First, we will share organizational socialization frameworks and the four proven outcomes that an onboarding program must achieve. Then we will explore how the frameworks inspired our onboarding philosophy and the implementation of incremental onboarding goals. Finally, we’ll share how to put it all together into a comprehensive, replicable 12-month onboarding program.

In this session you will learn:

  • The differences between onboarding, orientation, and training
  • The research-based outcomes that your onboarding program needs to achieve
  • How to craft your organization’s onboarding philosophy and measurable goals
  • A replicable approach for creating a consistent onboarding experience for all new hires and their managers

Meghan Bautista

L&D Manager

PURE Insurance

As the manager of L&D for PURE Insurance, Meghan oversees development for the 1K+ employees across the US. Meghan joined PURE Insurance in 2018, and in her current position manages many functions of L&D, including onboarding, ongoing professional development, manager development, and PURE’s mentor program. Meghan holds a BA in biological psychology from Pace University and an MA in industrial organizational psychology from CUNY School of Professional Studies. Meghan is an ATD-Certified Training Facilitator and an active member of the International Society for Organization Development and Change.