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402 Spark Joy: Demonstrate L&D’s Value As You Map Learning Journeys

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET
Tuesday, December 5

Do you feel that your organization’s learning experiences are cluttered, disorganized, and often out of date? Do you find that there are so many places to look for files before you can even find what needs to be updated? Do you wish you could leverage change champions for the cleanup? Do you often do the cleanup and implementation but struggle in communicating to the business the value and heavy lifting required from your team?

Let’s explore applicable strategies and practical templates that will spark joy for the business, learners, and your team. We’ll delve into strategies that will help you not only prove value to the business but also improve your learners’ experience—and examine how available training content can be illustrated through a master roll-up for business leaders to see the value your team is providing.

You will learn how to use already available data to prove your value and discuss how to develop learning journeys even in a fast-paced environment through a now, next, and later approach. We will look at real-life examples in how to identify and build learning journeys—and how to pivot when met with blockers.

Finally, we will walk through a solution and how the business responded. You’ll take away resources and templates that will help you organize your current training and help audit training to create a sustainable strategy, sparking joy in every roadmap.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Organize current training for a more sustainable auditing process in the future
  • Illustrate readily available assets to the business through a master roll-up
  • Develop a learning journey through a now, next, and later approach
  • Use provided resources and templates when implementing your team’s business strategy

Stephanie Borglum

Learning Program Manager

Morgan & Morgan

Stephanie Borglum is a learning program manager for Morgan & Morgan in Atlanta, Georgia, and a 2022 alumna of the Learning Guild’s Thirty Under 30 program. Previously a classroom educator, Stephanie translates her expertise as a teacher into learning experiences for the teams she supports. Stephanie strategically partners with the business to develop full onboarding programs and continuing professional development experiences for various teams across the firm and with the company’s global partners, leveraging the expertise of her instructional design and communications teams from intake through evaluation. These strategic partnerships have provided L&D with a seat at the table, exemplifying how learning inputs can improve business outputs.

Jennifer Demchar-Graves

Senior Consultant


Jennifer R. Demchar-Graves is a senior consultant for Kroger within Kroger Technology & Digital’s Product Operations and Organizational Change Management teams. She previously worked within learning & development for Morgan & Morgan and Chewy.com. Jennifer is a 2021 alumna of the Learning Guild’s Thirty Under 30 program. Jennifer graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in secondary English education with an ESOL Endorsement. Jennifer completed her executive certification program for Project Management at Florida Atlantic University and earned her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.