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512 Strategy to Implementation: Learning in the Flow of Work

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM ET
Wednesday, December 6

Many organizations realize that simply throwing more courses and eLearning at their employees is not the answer when seeking to address the continuous need to upskill and reskill their teams and to cope with continuous changes. We will discuss the requirement for a true workflow learning oriented methodology, one that addresses the strategy—what we want to achieve—as well as the design, development, implementation, and impact measurement of successful projects.

This session provides insights into how a true workflow learning approach can address the current issues in L&D regarding coping with change, agile design and development of learning solutions, and implementation and measurement of learning in the flow of work solutions. We will discuss the journey of the design and development of these solutions, the pitfalls, and the possible impact on the business. We’ll look at two case-studies; one in life science and one in healthcare where a workflow learning solution has been implemented. We will also address their journey from strategy to implementation.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why you would want to implement learning in the flow of work solutions
  • What the methodology is to implement successful Learning in the Flow of Work solutions
  • What technologies are required to implement true Learning in the Flow of Work solutions
  • How two large organizations successfully implemented Learning in the Flow of Work solutions

Robin de Graaf

Learning Consultant


With a background in international business and organizational learning and development, Robin de Graaf began her professional journey as an eLearning developer and has evolved into a learning & performance consultant at Xprtise, a leading workflow learning & performance support company. In her role as a learning & performance consultant, Robin collaborates with many diverse and international clients, focusing on streamlining their onboarding and training and fostering continuous learning on the job. Specializing in workflow learning and electronic performance support, Robin is passionate about leveraging her academic foundation and practical experience to drive innovation in organizational learning.

Alfred Remmits


Xprtise BV

Alfred Remmits has been the founder of three learning companies. In 2015 Alfred founded Xprtise, which has grown over the past eight years into a leading workflow learning & performance technology company with offices in the Netherlands, UK, and US. Alfred’s focus is on promoting the concept and approach to workflow learning based on the 5 Moments of Learning Need methodology in combination with digital coach technologies. Alfred is a regular speaker at events on topics like workflow learning, digital coaches, and adaptive learning. Alfred has a master’s degree in social science from the University of Amsterdam.