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709 The Buyer’s Guide to AI Learning Products (for Non-Technical Buyers)

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM ET
Wednesday, December 6

Ready or not, AI products are coming to your learning tech stack. Used properly, AI can solve complex problems easily. Used poorly, it can provide a false sense of progress that’s misaligned with your goals. Either way, AI is coming and this session will help you be ready.

Pulling from internal AI research conducted by Docebo, findings from industry analysts, and ongoing research conducted by the US Department of Education, we’ll explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and learning. We’ll discuss the basic requirements for learning AI products to be scalable and successful and establish a shared understanding of how to think about the long-term success of AI in your organization. We’ll share critical questions you must ask yourself and share our own thinking on the product principles that represent best practices for AI learning solutions.

Bring your phones to participate in our interactive polling during the session.


  • How to speak about artificial intelligence to the rest of your business, providing a critical lens for procurement and buying teams
  • The basic and intermediate concepts that are essential to exploring AI-powered learning products
  • Frameworks and guiding principles for the development of effective AI solutions, as backed by industry experts and the US Department of Education
  • The essential questions to ask yourselves, your teams, and vendors as you begin to think about AI solutions to human problems

Vince De Freitas

Product Marketing Manager, AI and Content Products


Starting his career in K-12 teaching and curriculum development, Vince De Freitas has worked primarily in the Ed-tech and education publishing space. Prior to Docebo, he’s led instructional design, customer education and revenue enablement teams across businesses of all sizes. Vince volunteers with his alma mater as a senior mentor to graduate students attending education graduate programs at the University of Toronto who are seeking careers outside of the classroom. Vince has previously given talks on active-learning strategies with technology, and is excited to share the work he and his team are doing on artificial intelligence (AI) as it intersects with learning.