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109 The Side-Gig Effect: Become a Better Leader Through Freelancing

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM ET
Tuesday, December 5

In today’s dynamic world, leaders must adapt and innovate like never before. This session delves deep into the realm of side gigs and freelancing, revealing how they can shape you into an exceptional leader. Learn how skills acquired from managing a side business, freelancing, or part-time entrepreneurship can be seamlessly applied to your leadership journey. 
Discover the side-gig effect, a phenomenon where leadership development intertwines seamlessly with freelancing. Side-gig effects may include enhanced creativity, an expanded network, improved problem-solving, a thirst for continuous learning, and running through a field of wildflowers without a care in the world. 

In this session you will learn:

  • To enhance your leadership skills through three core tenets: instructional design skills, business acumen, and client relationship management
  • How to leverage the side-gig effect for personal and professional growth
  • How to get started on the path to side-gigging
  • Practical steps for balancing your leadership role with side-gig commitments

Andrea Dottling



Andrea Dottling, MEd is a writer, instructional designer, technologist, consultant, drummer, artist, and reformed stand-up comedian obsessed with/working in instructional design since 2015. Parker Grant gave Andrea her first freelance instructional design gig (ever!) She holds a BA from NYU in history, education & dramatic lit, an MA in media studies from The New School, and an MEd in learning & tech from Western Governors University. Her favorite thing to learn about is new techniques for making art with markers and watercolor paints.

Parker Grant



Dr. Parker A. Grant is an instructional designer, eLearning developer, and learning consultant in the L&D community. He is a co-founder of IDLance. Parker has 30 years of experience in the L&D industry, including 16 years in a Fortune 50 company as a trainer, instructional designer, and training manager before starting his own consulting practice in 2008. He earned his master’s in educational technology and a PhD in adult learning, with a specialization in mental models and concept mapping.

Allie York

Director of Learning Design and Development


Allie York is a learning experience designer, project manager, and eLearning developer. She’s been in the business of educating adults and children for over 11 years. She received her MS in chemistry from Colorado School of Mines, which allows her to teach college-level general chemistry on occasion and has given her many of the valuable project management skills she utilizes in her work today. When she’s not in her director role at IDLance, she designs, develops, and consults the creation of eLearning programs for all types of industries through her business, York & Yours: Creative Education Solutions.