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1006 The XR Files: Immersive Technology for Learning Explained

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM ET
Thursday, December 7

Extended reality is an exciting and accessible way for L&D to create compelling and engaging experiences for our learners. As we venture deeper into this modality, there are many questions about how we can effectively use these for learning. This session will answer the questions: What is XR? How can we use XR in learning? And what does XR use in learning look like?

In this session the speakers will take you on a deep dive into XR and how you can use it effectively in your blended learning experiences. You’ll learn the nuances of AR, MR, and VR and brainstorm how to use XR in your organization. The truth is out there—this session will provide you with the truth about XR.

In this session you will:

  • Learn the differences between AR, MR, and VR
  • Experience examples of AR, MR, and VR
  • Ideate how to implement AR, MR, and VR into your blended learning solutions
  • Gain resources to continue learning about XR

Betty Dannewitz

Immersive Experience Architect

ifyouaskbetty LLC

Betty Dannewitz is an immersive experience designer with over 18 years in corporate learning and development. She is also a speaker, podcaster, and high-performance coach. Betty’s passion is to help people become better humans and she advocates that innovative technology, like augmented reality, has a HUGE role in making that happen.

Destery Hildenbrand

XR Solutions Architect


Destery Hildenbrand is an XR solution architect with Intellezy. Destery has over 17 years of experience in training and development and seven years focusing on immersive technologies. Destery has spent time in corporate environments and higher education. Destery’s primary focus is helping organizations plan, design, and develop engaging learning experiences through Immersive technology.