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Daiana Rinja

Learning Experience Designer


Daiana Rinja is the head learning experience designer within the SoftwareOne Academy, where she is responsible for overseeing the design of personalized and experiential learning paths. This role specifically involves working on an incubator program aimed at young talent who have little to no previous work experience. By creating engaging and tailored learning experiences, she contributes to the development and success of these emerging professionals and helps the business onboard people who are ready for the job.

Previously she had the opportunity to serve as an eLearning project coordinator for enpact, a not-for-profit organization. In that role, she played a vital part in curating content and developing eLearning modules for an incubator program for entrepreneurs in emerging markets. She also served as an L&D specialist in a fast-growing real estate company where she focused on designing and implementing a comprehensive curriculum for the monthly onboarding of real estate brokers.