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Kylie Henson

Global Training Manager


Kylie Henson started her career as a multimedia developer creating eLearning for pilot training at Southwest Airlines. She took an interest in instructional design and completed two Maeger Consortium certifications, and was promoted to instructional designer in under two years. Her journey then took her to a senior instructional design role at Spotify in NYC. There, she determined a need to be an expert in delivering online training to a globally distributed audience—so she completed a master’s degree in instructional system technologies while working full time. She then moved into L&D leadership at Coinbase as a L&D lead, and was promoted to an L&D manager of six direct reports in under a year (a timeline shorter than company guidelines for promotion). During that time she focused on training global customer support agents and led the strategy, development, and implementation of live phone support curriculum for 600+ new agents in under 82 days. This launch resulted in a +1500bps improvement in on the job success metrics for the training audience. Currently, Kylie is in a global training manager position at Notion, where she leads the teams responsible for training, quality, and documentation.