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Rose Timbang

Instructional Designer

Team Rubicon

Rose Timbang, the dynamic instructional designer at Team Rubicon, possesses an unwavering passion for creating transformative learning experiences. Armed with a master’s degree in nonprofit leadership from the esteemed University of Denver, she has honed her skills in designing exceptional training programs that leave a lasting impact. From her humble beginnings as a trainer at a small ice cream shop, Rose’s journey has propelled her into the exciting realm of instructional design, igniting her unwavering zeal for the learning design space. With her innovative mindset and a keen eye for detail, she consistently crafts engaging content that captivates audiences across the organization.

Beyond her impressive credentials, Rose brings a truly unique perspective to the table as a first-generation Filipino-American. Her diverse background enriches the cohort with a fresh cultural lens, empowering underrepresented communities and championing inclusivity within the industry. With an infectious enthusiasm for growth and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Rose’s vibrant presence infuses the Thirty Under 30 cohort with inspiration and energy. Her collaborative spirit and dedication to fostering a supportive environment ensure that every voice is heard and valued, propelling the group toward collective success.