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Yennifer Valentin

Global Training and Development Manager


Yennifer Valentin is an L&D professional with numerous years of experience developing teams and enhancing employees’ professional skills and knowledge. She is versed in design, development, and delivery of effective competency matrices, career paths, and training programs for various industries including maritime, private equity, and restaurant. Yennifer has expertise with identifying skills gaps and developing personalized learning journeys coupled with objectives and key results (OKR) goal setting framework to achieve optimal learner outcomes, and strong familiarity with counseling individuals, developing creative solutions, and forming interpersonal relationships. She is a strategic thinker creating action-oriented approaches and focusing on maximizing business opportunities. A bilingual professional fluent in English and Spanish, Yennifer is proud to have received an MBA at an early age and to obtain the role of global T&D manager for a widely recognized organization.