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Learning 2023 Sponsorship Deliverables & Event Guidelines

These opportunities are designed to be primarily turnkey. Your presenter can arrive at the conference, plug their laptop in and deliver your session in a conference breakout room which is ready to go upon arrival. Before and/or after your presentation, your presenter or representative can plug in their laptop at your branded networking kiosk, also ready to go upon your arrival. Enjoy the simplicity of this sponsorship program – additional details below.   

Your Sessions

  • Please Note: deadline of October 27 applied to all print signage fulfillment.
  • Presenters: please arrive 15 minutes before your session start time.
  • Bring your laptop, we will provide a mic and a projector with an HDMI connector. If your laptop needs special adaptors or connectors, please bring those with you.
  • Provided in your session room:  
    • Standard A/V set up: LCD projector, large screen, 2 mics (A/V tech will be on hand).
    • Table for your laptop and materials, a flip chart.
    • Room set theater style.
  • Slides: we are not collecting your slides in advance. Your slides should be at 16:9 aspect ratio loaded onto your own laptop.
  • Please refrain from installing banners, decorations, etc. in your session room. Sessions are scheduled with just 15 minutes between each presentation. Please be kind to the next presenter, thank you.
  • Handouts for Attendees: you are welcome to offer resources and handouts at your session. If attendees leave these behind, please make your best effort to remove them at the end of your session time. To increase your lead generation you can also offer to scan a badge and send via email, or provide the handouts at your kiosk.
  • Lead Retrieval: You can ask to scan attendee badges at your session, and at your kiosk, however your team cannot require a badge scan for entry to your session, thank you.


Innovation Gallery / Your Kiosk

  • Hanging or standing pop-up banners, balloons, decorative items, and any additional display items are not permitted around your kiosk. Please keep these areas clear.
  • Keep in mind that there is limited storage in each kiosk, boxes should not be left around/near your kiosk.
  • There is no overnight security in the Innovation Gallery/conference area. Please do not leave items unattended.
  • Sponsors have two windows of time to remove all their materials and personal items from the Gallery. Wednesday, December 6 (5:00pm-6:00pm) and Thursday, December 7 (8:00am-9:00pm). Any items still remaining at 9:00am on Thursday will be considered abandoned and discarded at your cost.


Traditional Sponsorship includes:

  • Innovation Showcase thought leadership presentation opportunity:
    • Promotion of the session description and speakers online and in the mobile app
    • Presentations are 60 minutes in length, and include seating for attendees.
    • Standard A/V set up for you ready to go: LCD projector, large screen, up to 2 mics. An A/V tech will be on hand at the event.
  • Innovation Gallery networking opportunity:
    • Kiosk workstation, your “home base” in a networking area where attendees will be treated to food and beverage, including a reception both days. Your kiosk includes:
      • Branding signage installed for you (subject to deadline)
      • Electric service (automatically provided)
      • WiFi available throughout the conference and Innovation Gallery area
      • 1 stool
      • Important – Giveaways & Limited Storage: your kiosk has a small storage cabinet, please keep in mind that smaller promotional items like pens, universal chargers are recommended as attendee giveaways. There is no additional storage available, please plan accordingly, boxes and personal items cannot not be piled up around your kiosk, thank you.
  • Lead Retrieval
    • Your sponsorship includes one (1) complimentary lead retrieval device. Click here to sign up for your device through ATS and pick up on-site. Additional devices can be rented. No credits can be applied for unused devices.
    • Use at your session and networking kiosk.
    • Important – Lead Retrieval Use: Attendee badge scanning cannot be required for entry to your session, thank you. We recommend offering a special offer (discount, trial use, or consultation) or resource including a white paper, ebook, or a future webinar invitation as a reason to request a badge scan, attendees will appreciate your offer.
  • 4 Full Conference Registrations: for your staff or guests. Additional Full Conference passes available at a discounted rate of $795 each for your team.


Premium Sponsorship includes:

All of the Traditional Sponsorship deliverables, plus:

  • Top sponsorship visibility
  • 1 additional Lead Retrieval device (2 complimentary)
  • Double-Sided Networking Kiosk
    Your branding sign is installed on both sides, and 2 stools provided; electric and WiFi are automatically provided. Please see notes above re: limited storage, boxes cannot be piled or left on the floor near your kiosk. Thank you.
  • Meter Sign Advertisement (subject to deadline)
  • Pre-Conference Email Promotion
    Your HTML email delivered to registered attendees on the launch date you select